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The Provy Wummin

Written & Directed by Paul Moore

An Arts Enigma Production


It’s 1979. Does the wean want a chopper for Christmas or does she fancy a new outfit from What Every Woman Wants?

The Cost of living? The cost of loving…but “she can help”. Margaret Morrison is that friendly face, who when in times of need, can help. The Provident Woman knocked on many a door on a Friday, offering a friendly loan to families struggling with the cost of living and life’s hardest knocks. But what cost life? What cost love? When the spiral of debt becomes too much, and you’re caught in a trap and lose control.

Oh and let’s not forget. Tina from the Tupperware. Audrey from The Avon…and of course, Ann. Summers

What is it that every woman really wants?

A gritty musical comedy, with a soundtrack to the 70s…

”The First Wives Club meets Still Game” with a sobering hint of Margaret Thatcher.



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