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Biggar Theatre Workshop presents…

Acting Workshop sessions with Leah Moorhouse


Acting – The Stanislavski System (7th, 14th and 21st August) £32.00 for all three sessions.

This is a series of workshops which will take place over 3 consecutive Sundays and must be attended as a continuous set as they involve some progressive elements. The Stanislavski System is the most common style of acting used on stage and screen nowadays. It is all about becoming a character and making believable performances.


Session 1 (Sunday 7th August 10am-1pm)

Beats, Intentions, Action and Reaction

This will focus on looking at how to identify what your character wants to achieve and how this affects the things they say and do. It makes character interactions appear more authentic and can help actors and directors decide how to block the piece (add movement to the scene).

At the end of this session each participant will be given a duologue or dialogue which they will continue to develop over the next few weeks by implementing the skills learned in each workshop.


Session 2 (Sunday 14th August 10am-1pm)

Emotional Recall, Emotional Responses and Behavioural Patterns

This will focus on your characters’ thought processes and how they differ from our own. We will then experiment with ways to convey emotion on stage and ways to identify which emotion is the most appropriate (it’s not always the obvious one).

We will then continue work on the text pieces from the previous week.


Session 3 (Sunday 21st August 10am -5pm with an hour break for lunch)

Surroundings on Self, Environments and Atmospheres. (10am-1pm)

This will look at how the surroundings of your character affect their mood, behaviour and actions. These can be elements like how well they know a space, the people within it and time of day etc.

Performance for friends and family in the afternoon. (2pm-5pm)

Participants will then get a chance to perform the text pieces for their friends and family. This will also be an open session for anyone else who is interested in watching the performances and maybe asking some questions about the Biggar Theatre Workshop and what they do.



Leah Moorhouse was born and bred in Biggar and performed with the Biggar Theatre Workshop from a very young age. Since then she went on to train in Acting and Performance in Glasgow. Subsequently, she has been working as a lecturer in Acting and Performance for the last 14 years as well as a freelance actor, director and voiceover artist. Once again, she is back in Biggar to run a series of performance, skill-building sessions. Whether you are an old-hand on the stage or someone new to treading the boards these sessions are open to all. So if fancy trying something new, sign up before the 31st of July


This is a ticketed event and can be purcheased through our eventbrite page.

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