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Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd April 2015 at 6.30pm



Corn Exchange Young Performers Presents:
'Passed On'


When Julie Harris leaves nothing but an old rag doll in her will, her family are left in a state of shock. But all is not as it seems as her three children soon discover the doll reveals supernatural visions of the past. But why does it insist on taking them back over 100 years to their great grandfather and Master Doll Maker, Francis Harris? Could Francis unlock the mystery of Julie’s will and reunite the family in their darkest hour?

The High School Corn Exchange Young Performers return for their first production of 2015: Passed On.

With two performances on Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd of April, this show promises to intrigue and entertain.

Tickets costing £5/2 are available from Art Gallery at the Corn Exchange.



Friday 24th and Saturday 25th April 2015 at 6.30pm



Corn Exchange Young Performers Presents:
'The Buccaneers of Muck'


For siblings Ella, Meg and Billy Crockett, a summer holiday visiting their grandparents on the Scottish island of Muck - population 24 - is very dull prospect indeed. When Muck’s Police Force begin investigating a mysterious disturbance in the woods, the islanders join ranks to stop them uncovering their secret. However, when Ella breaks her Grandpa’s ship-a-bottle, she releases the notorious pirate, Captain Lovebeard. Now the Captain and his misfit crew are seeking revenge on Ella's Grandpa and it’s up to Meg, Billy and the islanders to stop them.

The P4-7 Corn Exchange Young Performers return for their first production of 2015: The Buccaneers of Muck. Expect pirates, fairies and much talk of fish fingers in this exciting new stage play. With music, dancing and a large cast, this show is not to be missed!

Two performances will take place on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th of April.

Tickets costing £5/2 are available from Art Gallery at the Corn Exchange.



Sunday 26th April 2015 at 10.30am



Casting Call from Biggar Theatre Workshop:
'Romeo and Juliet'


Directed by Leah Moorhouse
SHOW RUN: Wed 14 to Sat 17 October 2015
Sunday, 26 April 2015, 10.30pm in Biggar Corn Exchange Auditorium. Will run for approximately 2 hours depending on how many people turn up.
Warm Up, Physical Theatre, Prepared Pieces – Open to All – Turn up and have a go.
Rehearsals for the show will be on Sundays from 10am to approximately mid afternoon, starting in June.
Karin (Producer) on 01899 220202, or Karin.lappin@btinternet.com
A modern take on Shakespeare’s classic, in which Romeo and Juliet are an elderly couple whose feuding children are hell bent on keeping them apart. Most of the roles have been altered in age and thus the script has had some modifications. My aim in using this concept is to try to revive the emotion that was initially meant to be conveyed in this piece which has been lost in the translation of time.

Please click here for further details or visit www.biggartheatreworkshop.org.uk



Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd May 2015 8pm - 9.30 pm (no interval)



Biggar Theatre Worshop Presents:
'A Boston Marriage'
by David Mamet

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Ltd.



Directed by David Bishop, this bitingly funny play is set in the 1890s in Anna's drawing room. She is about to receive Claire, her friend and former 'significant other', who has come to visit but with a very particular request.  Delivered through quick, witty dialogue, mixed with double entendres and vernacular expressions, the play explores the relationship between the two women and their much put upon maid. Through humour and nuance, the play explores the negotiation, conflict, compromise and reconciliation that arise in a period when women will go to great lengths to find romantic happiness in a male dominated world.

The cast undertaking these demanding roles are:

Alison Bishop as Anna

Julie Devine as Claire

Rachael Mutl as the long suffering Scottish maid, Catherine.

'Boston marriage, n. An antique term that refers to two single women living together, independent of any male counterparts or support.

TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE ONLINE HERE and will be available at a venue in Biggar shortly (to be advised).   

TICKET PRICES: £8 Wednesday, Thursday to Saturday £10.

Adult language throughout. Not suitable for children.